First post, and how (and why) I challenge my mind making a blog in english!

After many delays and doubts, I decided to create a blog that can be seenworldwide. Since my previous experience short-lived (and almost family audience) or too public to be taken seriously (Faceb.. an old Spanish Fotolog …other  blogs … etc etc) and following the advice of several friends here we are, squeezing the brain to write in my rusty English, and testing the limits of the google translator to make me understand.

And since this is an exercise in patience and skill, I ask my apologies forfuture mistakes of language and are therefore welcome any corrections!

But as this blog is not about this issue is the last thing I will say about it…

To heat engines and show what I mean with illustration, here’s an example of my work:


This is a plate I have made for a scientific illustration contest last year. The main basis of this work is the skull of the fossil penguin Icadyptes from Peru.
Data and images of the material was stolen (err taked!) from:
Ksepka, D. T., Clarke, J. A., DeVries, T. J. and Urbina, M. (2008), Osteology of Icadyptes salasi, a giant penguin from the Eocene of Peru. Journal of Anatomy, 213: 131–147. doi: 10.1111/j.1469-7580.2008.00927.x

The reconstruction of the skull was made putting together the figured bones, helped a lot with the CT scanned sulls of various penguins from Digimorph (thank you very much University of Texas-Austin for free access) and the life restoration is a mix of the Gannet  (Morus bassanus)  with the Emperor penguin in honor of the phylogenetic relationships of both groups and the mix of features that has Icadyptes.

This “simple” image took me several hours of research and a lot of literature that now I can not list (because I do not remember all) But in future I would like to post pictures with bibliography to show how distant is the scientific illustration of the misnamed palaeoart which needs no justification to be good itself.

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3 thoughts on “First post, and how (and why) I challenge my mind making a blog in english!

  1. Great!

    Well…this is so extrange, but it is the right path. This is the only way to share your art in the world.
    Congratulations!, your art, your methodologies and technics are awesome!

    • Many thanks Pablo! I take the word “extrange” as a compliment because that’s how I feel!
      and one of my goals with this is to share these methodologies for the profit of all

  2. julieta san roman

    Te deseo lo mejor , estoy orgullosa de ti.
    La secadora electrica de vacas.

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