A training subject

During a season of schematic-boring-non-artistic works, my hands start to claim for more action and then in the free times I choose a random animal to draw.

This last days I took the well known Protypotherium as my muse, to revenge the frustrating results of a complex illustration of the past year; which sank (despite efforts) to the short lead time, lack of dialogue with the customer, and the exes of trust in my abilities as a miniaturist   and, to retake an older proyect of life restoration of this cute little animal, which start after this scientific illustration :


This is Protypotherium sp. as shown at the Museo De la Plata in a cute slab from patagonia, and the illustration was a training in attempt to make more diverse my portfolio (full of crocs and dinos to show to an almost 99% of mammalogists in the division staff) and to be shown at the IV CLPV in San Juan Argentina (2011)


And these are two examples of my “relaxing” exercise:

First one of my “train sketches” (literally between station and station of the Ferrocarril Roca)
Certainly this is the best of a lot ,but the constant moving and shaking of everything, makes the act of grab a pencil a matter of faith, and freedom. So, foreknowing the chances of mistake, there is no fear to make a mess: I just do it!


Finally this is a color study for a watercolour paint that I hope to do before the end of this year! =P


Hope you like it! and feel free to comment!


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One thought on “A training subject

  1. Bonjour my name is Sally and I’m a blogger and this article really helped me. I’m refocused! Thanks very much!

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