A thorny issue

 Life does not come from nowhere, and diversity is just an expression of the long road we’ve been doing …

A good example is this little beast: the South American arboreal porcupine or: Coendou.

A herbivore and nocturnal rodent that spends almost all his life in the trees, feeding on leaves and fruits.

























Covered by a thick layer of very soft hair, studded with strong defensive spines, this beautiful teddy bear is pretty hard to catch…




This is my first attempt at drawing this guy and at the same time a way of training in the art of scratch.
It’s made with layers of watercolor striped with a cutter (or a small scalpel), on a piece of wite high-impact polystyrene (HIPS).

(If you want to try, it’s better clean the sheet with rubbing alcohol)


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