Groeberia, mixed media and digital era.

Groeberia, mixed media and digital era.

Groeberia is an extinct genus of South American metatherians, it is believed that these animals were small and probably arboreal frugivores.

After an intense dialogue with some artist friends about art and the media and the actions we take to achieve our goals, we realized how difficult it is to stay in one pure technique nowadays.
Even if you want to share on the Internet (for example) a landscape done in watercolors, the digitization (including or not the file postproduction) converts our work in mixed media! jeje

Anyway I have no intentions to fight against this … freedom of action (mixed techniques) is an artistic brand in my family =D

This drawing was done with pencils on plain paper, scanned and coloured digitally by intervention of gamma levels and layers of transparent brushes.

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3 thoughts on “Groeberia, mixed media and digital era.

  1. First of all, my deep esteem to your work đŸ™‚ By the way, how big it is originally? When we scan the drawing, we can incease or decrease its’s size freely, getting completely new meaning sometimes. I was struck by small dimensions of Michelangelo’s sketches, when my art teachers expected us to draw like him – but ten times bigger!

    • Thank you very much for your support!
      The size of this drawing is about 20×22 cm (made on an A4 sheet) and most of my works are within that size for easy scanning.
      When I have to do large-scale drawings, I immerse myself in space and need to change drastically the way I draw because I’m so used to miniature ..
      For me the digitalization is an invitation to the loss of scales, gives me the opportunity to work the detail of a pixel and transform my mimiaturas on billboards, without much effort!

  2. Acually a gondwanatherian now

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