A moment of contemplation

Last week I went out to the field searching for a skeleton of Glyptodon.
The original idea was spend four days away, but ended up being seven!
During that time I was dedicated to digging and planning along with the rest of the team, the steps to follow in the extraction.
The last day we were waiting for the crane arrived and I could rest a little sketching some things around me ..

A Thistle leaf in a quite complicated view …


One of the many herons that visit the lake shore where we dig…


? Festuca spp. enduring over the tip of the cliff…


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2 thoughts on “A moment of contemplation

  1. thanks for visiting artcalling. I like your blog and these sketches very much. Also the white ink/paint, large format drawings on brown paper are very beautifully done. So glad for you that you have got your dream job.

    • Thank you so much Sarah! It’s an honour to receive such kind words from a career artist like you!
      I liked your blog and the ways you use the art as a gesture of hope and health for many people.
      Soon I’ll dive more in your posts, by now I found many beautiful painting there!

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