Huemul 101

Few days ago I started a new commissioned work, about extinct and extant fauna from patagonia.
I’m very happy because I’ll have to portrait a wide range of topics and many animals that I always wanted to paint.

Among them is the almost extinct Huemul (Hippocamelus bisulcus)
The south Andean deer struggles to survive the poachers, car accidents and failed attempts to enforce the laws made to protect them. Though the present of this natural monument is complicated, now the populations are slowly growing again to overcome the darker recent past…

Craneo web  Huemul 1 web


I’ve started doodling some silhouettes and bones without references while I was at the field last week, then when I came at home I had to restart from zero to do the correct anatomy.

Huemul 2 web  Huemul 3 web

Huemul 4 web

Using lots of photos and some animal anatomy books I finally feel comfortable enough to unfold my “frozen” deers and happily let them hang around the sheet…


Huemul 5 web  Huemul 6 web

Huemul 7 web  Huemul 8 web

Huemul 9 web


Well this is just the beginning! I hope I could turn this series on a constant flow of posts…


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  1. Deers !

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