Shorebird workshop in Argentina

This is making waves as a drop falling into water!
And the news has reached to the other side of the world and here is back, as the beautiful shorebirds.
This is a reblog from the official blog of World Shorebirds’ Day, please take a visit and find a place close to you where people will take part of this great event!


World Shorebirds Day

A couple of days ago Manuel Sosa decided to take part in the Shorebird Sketching Project to express his support for the World Shorebirds Day. Deep in the heart of Argentina, the Laguna Mar Chiquita is one of the few shorebird sites with hemispheric importance. Today he found himself as the leader of a shorebird workshop involving the local birding club, the COA Miramar, and the biologist, Marcela Castellino has taken the task to perform the talk about shorebirds at this important shorebird paradise. A local hotel has granted a place to do indoor activities. Manuel also set a Facebook event on his profile.

This is one of the self-initiated events under the umbrella of the World Shorebirds Day, which brings shorebirds closer to people and helps to have a few more hearts touched by these fantastic migrants. Well done Manuel!

Cartel del taller copia

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