The Titan inside all of us..

Atlas is the name of the first cervical vertebrae, because it supports the “globe ” of the head like the primordial titan of the greek mythology.

I’ve been wandering at the hills days ago, with the senses sticked to the ground hoping to find new treasures, and In the middle of this noble quest  (like a lesser Humboldt or D’Orbigny ) I stumble with a solitary vertebrae..

vistas foto web

Indeterminate mammal atlas in anterior, dorsal, posterior and lateral views (scale = 1cm)

… and a solitary vertebrae entails many questions for the curious!

Knowing that I could take good photos of it at home, I grab the fieldbook and my pencil ready to spend a good time sketching the details while cleaning a little the dirt.

atlas 4 web

Anterior view (detail)

atlas 2 web

Posterior view (detail)

atlas 1 limpio web

A: original sketch depicting half sides at the same time (to save time and avoid parallax errors), B: Anterior view mirrored by computer, C: Posterior view also mirrored by computer.

atlas 3 web

Speaking of parallax.. A: Dorsal view sketch as it was done, B: Same sketch rotated 90º to note the false alignment, C: Dorsal view (left side mirrored), D: Dorsal view (right side mirrored), note the vast differences between both sides.

Beyond the fine concave-convex surfaces, there are many things to consider: such as the broken transverse processes  (perhaps by a predator?), or the different colors of the bone (how much time was semi buried?),  which animal belonged? and where are the remainder bones? (essential question if it were a paleontological find!)

Questions like these took away my sleep as a kid, and fill my dreams as an adult. Whether as a naturalist or an artist, looking at the ground and sky with the intensity of a child is the key to life itself!
So, let the kids play in the mud!

atlas 5 web

The inspiring side of the atlas?


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