Making the first steps

Cráneo de feto 8 9 m web

Newborn skull with some of the relevant landmarks labeled (in spanish)

Medical illustration is something I didn’t try yet, maybe because most of my clients are paleontologists with no links to medicine and maybe because I don’t know how to approach that world.
Although in the last years I tried a few times draw the human body, my passion is biased to other vertebrates…

A week ago I discovered a new favorite museum at the Hospital Nacional de Clínicas: The Pedro Ara Anatomical Museum. Which houses a vast collection of anatomical preparations in dry and wet techniques, some with historic value due to the date of the specimens (some back to 1920 and two skeletons of natives of more than 500 years old in burial position)
The museum is focused on didactic activities for faculty students and general public, it is open and free all year (which is wonderful!) and for some reason, i find mesmerizing the surreal look of some of the specimens.

I hope this little newborn be a new point to climb and see new horizons.. who knows

What I do know for sure is that I will return to visit that museum and share the results here!

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5 thoughts on “Making the first steps

  1. JJ ColourArt

    I just bought a cheap paperback copy of the book Gray’s Anatomy which is used by medical students. I bought it for the medical illustrations because I read once that artist Jean-Michel Basquiat used Gray’s Anatomy for art inspiration from a young age, so it seemed like a good idea.

    The skulls of newborns are rather odd looking. That museum sounds fantastic as a reference for you.

    • As a child I loved biology illustrated books, and my grandfather had some old volumes of medicine in French that I sat down to watch for hours!
      What is amazing of this museum is that the specimens looks like figures taken from of Grey´s Anatomy, but they’re in 3D!It gives a strange sensation to be there…

  2. This scull of a baby is moving. Anatomy of sweetness.

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