Grand finale for this year!

The best way to end this year in this blog about the drawing of the fossils is with some dinosaur bones!

I have been changing the scope of my posts as much as my interests and experiences in the “real life”..
While I was painting this skull of Rajasaurus narmadensis, lots of thoughts came to me.

I remembered my first steps on blogging and my initial intentions, but at the same time I was thinking about the future: next movings, projects and hopes…

rajasaurus skull crudo

Rajasaurus narmadensis skull, based on sources from around the web

This is the first skull (or bone) I illustrate decently on watercolours . I tried to do this few times in the last year with various results, but this time was different: I performed with no fears, or knots on the stomach, no desperate brushing to rescue the outcome.
Painting this was a pleasure, I knew every next step, the response of the paper to the water, the reach of the brush (a new brush only for watercolour)…

It’s clear that this is only the beginning, and I happily welcome all the new chances awaiting in the next year!

rajasaurus skull web

Rajasaurus skull, with some reconstructed missing parts in grey

Hope you like it and happy new year for everyone! Many thanks for stopping by here!

Cheers 😀


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2 thoughts on “Grand finale for this year!

  1. ¿En qué se basan los restos craneales conocidos aparte del basicráneo? ¿Hay nuevos materiales no descriptos?

    • Buena pregunta… en el paper solo se describe el basicráneo pero buscando por internet en todos lados sale que hay hasta un 70% del cráneo recuperado… inclusive hay una ilustración de esos materiales (en la que basé este dibujo) No hice una investigación super exhaustiva esta vez, y corro el riesgo de haber caido en alguna teoría loca de materiales referidos o sinonimias..

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