A very busy beginning

I have been postponing my blog activities in favor of some vacations, and the beginning of my new student adventure: Bachelor’s degree on Visual Arts! Hoping to find some place on the graduate world and “papers” to allow me to teach properly.

And speaking of teaching: I´m sailing to a new level of experience in workshops on field sketching.
This time rebooting my last experience (at the World Shorebird’s Day) and improving my methods and objetives. (I’ts too easy to overload a 8 hours workshop hoping to give as much information and tips as possible)


Poster for my next workshop!

For many reasons,the discipline of scientific illustration catch the attention of many people, and is my deep purpose to finally set a full course to share what I’ve been learning the last years as a student, naturalist and professional.
But, one of my biggest learnings is: not yet, not yet but soon.. I still have lots of things to learn and for appropriately teach scientific illustration I need a well equipped space and tons of resources! So: not yet, but (hopefully) soon..

Well, I hope this year still keep many surprises! See you next time!

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4 thoughts on “A very busy beginning

  1. Julieta San Roman

    Mucha suerte, tu puedes! You are in my prays. La Secadora

  2. JJ ColourArt

    So glad to hear this. Good luck with your university degree–if anyone should teach scientific illustration, it is you!

  3. good luck!

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