A year full of surprises!

garzas copy

White egrets and skull – Derwent pencils on Kraft – 85×60 cm (one of my rare big format illustrations)

It’s about six months I can’t resume the blog for so many reasons…

Fortunately many of these reasons are good things, like the beginning of my studies at the university, several works in progress and more recently an achievement I expected many years: to become scientific illustrator within the CONICET (National Council for Scientific Research and techniques) wich is the Argentine government agency which directs and co-ordinates most of the scientific and technical research done in universities and institutes.

A lifelong career in the place of my dreams! Drawing for an institute that works in the fields of animal morphology and ecology.

Somehow, I think I could turn this space into a place to transmit this experience .. but for now I can not guarantee the continuity of publications…
In troubled times it is better to take action than sit to writing!

Anyway, for this special day, the World Shorebird’s Day, I will make a second post about a figure that I made early this year, about the San Antonio Bay shorebird assemblage!

Greetings and thanks for visiting this blog despite my absence!


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2 thoughts on “A year full of surprises!

  1. JJ ColourArt

    Congratulations Manuel! You deserve it, your art is excellent. Wonderful to be working where you dreamed of working, it will make such a difference.

    • Thank you very much Judy! I still can’t belive that this is happening 🙂 Here, a job position like this is truly one in milions!

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