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A person standing in the vast grey areas between Science and Art, with passion and skills for both (but a bit lazy to finish college studies on any!)

To Megatherium

It’s quite hard to avoid ground sloths in the land where the extinct ground sloths have gone not so long ago…

megatherium web

Megatherium was the biggest of them all, and was pretty common.

With colossal bones like a dinosaur, this huge leaf eater has here when the first humans reached the southern latitudes of America.

I sometimes think, how wonderful it would be if all that wildlife exist these days…

… less cattle on the pampas and more mega beasts!

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Spinosaurus fever!

sipino fever

Spinosaurus super star!


The reappearance of Spinosaurus has created a heated controversy among paleontologists, paleoartists and fans of dinosaurs in general…

Seems like that this wondrous beast is stranger than our love for his classic depictions can tolerate.

Nature is odd, nature is wonderful. Perhaps is not all said about this behemoth, but meanwhile have to quench the thirst for draw!

spinosaurus web

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On some old drawings.

Dusting off some folders on a Sunday cleaning, I found some of my first attempts at scientific drawing.

I have to admit that the first of all were direct copies of illustrations of books or magazines, but, as an exercise of exploration  I got fond results and that encouraged me to keep going.

caballo cervical web

Horse (Equus sp) cervical vertebrae, anterior view. (Copied from an old book)

Another horse vertebrae (dorsal?) This time I copied the dot shaded drawing and just beside I made a grey scale reinterpretation. (circa 2008) (From the same old book, I can't recall which one)

Another horse vertebrae (dorsal?) This time I copied the dot shaded drawing and just beside I made a grey scale reinterpretation. (2008)
(From the same old book, I can’t recall which one)

Then I started experimenting with bones that had at my disposal,  to try to get a more “real” approximation of what this job entails…

craneo de Coipo web

Coypu (Myocastor coipus) broken skull. Field sketch on notebook (2009)

A horse's metatarsal, distal end. (A gift from a very good friend)  I planned to do four views of this fragment, but then a paleontologist saw this drawing among other, and began to give me some real bones to deal.. (2009)

A horse’s metatarsal distal end. (A gift from a very good friend)
I planned to do four views of this fragment, but then a paleontologist saw this drawing (among other), and began to give me some real bones to deal.. (2009)

Then it was time to draw real fossils! And I was lucky enough to start with a sauropod dinosaur: Bonitasaura salgadoi.

While these drawings were not published, I took my work very seriously and gave my best!

chevron Bonitasaura web

Bonitasaura salgadoi chevron. Maybe the most extensively illustrated chevron of a patagonian sauropod… The drawings are made at natural size because I used to cast vertical lines from the fossil contour to the sheet of paper.

falange Bonitasaura web

Bonitasaura salgadoi phalanx (?). This one is big as the A4 sheet I used, and that made me feel uncomfortable. I was a newbie at the time on how to draw wide areas with gray tones. (2009)

I pass all of 2009 and early 2010 experimenting and refining my drawings, until I took a course in scientific illustration and I really felt fit to go out and play in the big leagues!

But nevertheless, I’m still learning with curiosity every time I am presented with a new job, a new challenge to achieve…

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Shorebird workshop in Argentina

This is making waves as a drop falling into water!
And the news has reached to the other side of the world and here is back, as the beautiful shorebirds.
This is a reblog from the official blog of World Shorebirds’ Day, please take a visit and find a place close to you where people will take part of this great event!


World Shorebirds Day

A couple of days ago Manuel Sosa decided to take part in the Shorebird Sketching Project to express his support for the World Shorebirds Day. Deep in the heart of Argentina, the Laguna Mar Chiquita is one of the few shorebird sites with hemispheric importance. Today he found himself as the leader of a shorebird workshop involving the local birding club, the COA Miramar, and the biologist, Marcela Castellino has taken the task to perform the talk about shorebirds at this important shorebird paradise. A local hotel has granted a place to do indoor activities. Manuel also set a Facebook event on his profile.

This is one of the self-initiated events under the umbrella of the World Shorebirds Day, which brings shorebirds closer to people and helps to have a few more hearts touched by these fantastic migrants. Well done Manuel!

Cartel del taller copia

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Shorebirds everywhere!

I have been struggling with two big commissioned works, one pile of maps, and some nice sketches for brainstorm with a client. And in between that, I have the news of one wonderful activity coming soon: The World Shorebirds’ day.
What better thing than leave a weekend to draw birds in the field just to take a break?
To not reach with cold hands at the date, I’m sketching during breaks from work … I leave here some, scanned and cleaned:

Chorlito de collar web

Collared plover (Charadrius collaris)


Tero real 2 web

South american stilt (Himantopus melanurus)




Becasina común web

South American snipe (Gallinago paraguaiae)

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Taking up the line

I’ve had to make a break over a few days in my Huemul project.
Sometimes, freelance work has its ups and downs, and one must be able to deal with multiple jobs at the same time or none at all!
The good new is that I’m climbing quite up in my list of commissioned drawings, and for the next weeks I will be very busy! So, to start the final drawing of my Huemul family I must warm up my hands and brain on the subject.
Here it goes another round of sketches ( please note the quality improvement! 😀 )

huemul monocromo web

I like more and more the way my brush is acquiring fluidity at the sketches, and this time I don’t even use the pencil to set the first lines!

The baby, black Faber Castel Polycromos on plain paper

huemul bebe web

Mommy, Lyra Rembrandt burnt ochre also on plain paper
(I did this earlier than the above)

huemul rembrandt web

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Huemul 101

Few days ago I started a new commissioned work, about extinct and extant fauna from patagonia.
I’m very happy because I’ll have to portrait a wide range of topics and many animals that I always wanted to paint.

Among them is the almost extinct Huemul (Hippocamelus bisulcus)
The south Andean deer struggles to survive the poachers, car accidents and failed attempts to enforce the laws made to protect them. Though the present of this natural monument is complicated, now the populations are slowly growing again to overcome the darker recent past…

Craneo web  Huemul 1 web


I’ve started doodling some silhouettes and bones without references while I was at the field last week, then when I came at home I had to restart from zero to do the correct anatomy.

Huemul 2 web  Huemul 3 web

Huemul 4 web

Using lots of photos and some animal anatomy books I finally feel comfortable enough to unfold my “frozen” deers and happily let them hang around the sheet…


Huemul 5 web  Huemul 6 web

Huemul 7 web  Huemul 8 web

Huemul 9 web


Well this is just the beginning! I hope I could turn this series on a constant flow of posts…


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Thumbling adventures

I have been very busy at work and life last month, so each time I passed by wordpress to check was it with some sad lack of time to write and translate a post.

And today’s post is about one of the multiple tasks that I took these days:
There is a biennial book fair in my town specially dedicated to childrens and young ones and one of the organizers is a family old friend. She encouraged me to participate at the second edition of a illustration contest, themed on stories for childrens.

Since this is very different from my style theme this was a multiple challenge, therefore I chose a well known story and decided to explore the style of drawings that had old books. Somehow, it’s my dream as a child to draw things like storybooks of my childhood.

So here is my “Pulgarcito” (Tom Thumb – Thumbling) merry walking through the brush!

This is the final sketch of a quite long series of attempts…


pulgarcito web




And the finished illustration!
I used watercolours, pencils, collage, etc etc (even the needle is a real one just to be a innovative artist!)





pulgarcillo web


We’ll see what happens next time 😉







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Just to not disappear..

Despite my intentions to revisit the issue of the fossils in my drawings, I leave these sketches to keep the blog active!


I’m programming give a very basic workshop on bird drawing in a couple of months.
So since that project arose, I’m drawing birds whenever I have a break from work.


That does not mean fossils left my hand, I’m just drawing a lot of things at once (and when one is ambitious … things take extra work!)



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Many drawings but few fossils?

Many drawings but few fossils?

Despite being really working with fossils, I have been giving them little room in my time for drawing. To go back to give them some attention, I started with one of the first dinosaurs: Eoraptor!

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