A shorebirds day

Today is the day of those pesky little creatures that fly every year through the continents… silly behaviour just to annoy 4×4 drivers who happily ride the vast shores, or those creative entrepreneurs who see the void wetlands and see towers of private owners and cascades of money…

Somehow.. there is many people who think like this.

And is for these people that we need one day a year to celebrate the living shorebirds and the places they use to live and raise the future.

Crazy people like me, who love the nature and enjoy all the colours and all the smells (yep all of them), we keep present and take care of the world all year long!

Because if something can be learned from nature is that we all live in this planet, and this planet is all we have.
The ones who didn’t learn to live and let live, go extinct sooner or later…
We must take the lesson of the shorebirds, they are many, they are diverse, and they all share the same shores to feed and live.
How? take a look at this illustration and guess..

One shore, many chances - Skulls and silhouettes of six shorebirds that visit the San Antonio Bay (Rio Negro - Argentina) Click for high resolution .jpg (this image can be use under CC 4 non commercial license, feel free to share and use for educational purposes)

One shore, many chances – Skulls and silhouettes of six shorebirds that visit the San Antonio Bay (Rio Negro – Argentina) Click for high resolution .jpg (this image can be use under CC 4 non commercial license, feel free to share and use for educational purposes)

For more information about this day and shorebirds please contact this blog or search in the web. And for more real hints about what I’m talking about, please shut down your internet device, go outside (the farther, the better!) and be conscious of all your senses! (we haven’t at least 5 for nothing!)
Have a really nice day!


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Reaching the very tip of the year

An american kestrel, maybe staring back in the year...

An american kestrel (Falco sparverius)

Two weeks to the end of the year and two weeks to the beginning of a new year!

I believe if I start to think all the things I’ve done this year I will fall asleep for three days row!

This year was one for endurance, for patience and for acquiring valuable knowledge in many aspects of my life.

Twelve months more of doing what I like to do in a country in full economic crisis, keeping alive the flame of hope (almost a miracle!).

Yes, I think that I could have done more in this time span, but between the things I’ve learned this year is that each project and each idea has it’s own time, and maybe it’s good to take a little time for seeds so they may grow strong.

The only thing I really regret is that I could not travel as much as I wanted.
I have most of my friends living in cities far away from mine, and we always are telling wishes to gather around some beers, always making plans that vanishes in the lack of funds or time..

I know next year will be different (I hope better) Next year I start a grade on fine arts (a two year pending plan) and the distant chance of a full time scientific illustrator job will get closer to reach a definition for yes or no..

All the forbearance, all the sweat and all the hours drawing like a illuminator locked in the monastery, all gives me golden fruits that I keep for the future.
From the edge of this seat I can see waves of new horizons flowing like a smooth watercolour on a virgin sheet. Waiting any excuse to departure…

But not before look over the shoulder all the way that I left behind.

Hasta la próxima!

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Shorebirds everywhere!

I have been struggling with two big commissioned works, one pile of maps, and some nice sketches for brainstorm with a client. And in between that, I have the news of one wonderful activity coming soon: The World Shorebirds’ day.
What better thing than leave a weekend to draw birds in the field just to take a break?
To not reach with cold hands at the date, I’m sketching during breaks from work … I leave here some, scanned and cleaned:

Chorlito de collar web

Collared plover (Charadrius collaris)


Tero real 2 web

South american stilt (Himantopus melanurus)




Becasina común web

South American snipe (Gallinago paraguaiae)

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Ara ararauna

I just finished my drawing of the day (aka: my drawing by the night)

and noticed that although I was looking for depict an very endangered species of parrot: Ara glaucolaris,

I was drawing a different bird: Ara ararauna, also a beauty, but not so fragile…



In terms of paleoart, this mess could be a minor mistake, and even it could pass unnoticed for the vast majority.

And this makes me think, how free is this branch of the art and the paleontology,

and how fast we could make assumptions based solely on aesthetic statements about creatures gone long ago…


For more information about endangered parrots and some conservation projects please visit World Parrot Trust

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Procrastinating into youtube I got the feeling that I would try “Fast (digital) Painting” in the light of some good tutorials…
So then I picked a random photo from my vast booty files, and tried to do my best:


This is a cute Crested Partridge (Rollulus rouloul) from the Burma rainforests.


It was pretty hard to find the actual author of the original photo… but finally I could reach his Flickr, I encourage you to take a look there to watch more of his very nice photos!


It was fun, but I’m far from mastering the technique … I’ll have to keep playing!

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Not the best, but for the record

Trying to keep the word about my monthly schedule of art (and specially on watercolour training) I still trying to achieve some good advances on the way… Although this one is not my favourite, I like how looks this little chick of Ipacaá, his feathers and the shy and fast walk through the pond… I have taken these photos last september when I visited the Predelta National Park with the wreckages of my old camera… gladly at least I have them, because I could not find any on the web. Imagen I hope the next try be best! Imagen

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A new training project

Being a polifacetic professional sometimes makes me lose some skills favoring other issues…
In this case: fossil prep is taking almost all my time this days, and when i come back home I just want to take a bath and sleep…
So, to stop such artistic abandon I set a list of tasks to reach this month, season and lastly september (if I have one chance to attend the 4th International Palaeontological Congress as a paleoartist!)

First I must paint at least one watercolour piece till use the last sheet of cotton paper I bought to train (months ago!)
And there you go! These are the two first of the series:



Drymornis bridgesii (Scimitar-billed Woodcreeper)




Micrurus pyrrhocryptus (Coral snake)

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A moment of contemplation

Last week I went out to the field searching for a skeleton of Glyptodon.
The original idea was spend four days away, but ended up being seven!
During that time I was dedicated to digging and planning along with the rest of the team, the steps to follow in the extraction.
The last day we were waiting for the crane arrived and I could rest a little sketching some things around me ..

A Thistle leaf in a quite complicated view …


One of the many herons that visit the lake shore where we dig…


? Festuca spp. enduring over the tip of the cliff…


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Training birds II

Training birds II

A “Loica” (Sturnella loyca obscura) enduring the southern winter…

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Training birds

Training birds

Looking forward getting some bird skills…
Anhinga melanogaster
Graphite on paper with digital color

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