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Dinosaur sketching weekend

While digitalizing a selection of my everyday’s sketchbook pages I gather some nice dinosaur sketches (among others creatures: the best!)




Dinosaurs are the very reason why I’m in love with natural sciences.

They were my first glimpse around vertebrate form and function, and compared anatomy

(one of the most fascinating field of science to me)




Over the years I always tried keep out the comfortable cliches and at the same time I started need graphic references about the dino I’m drawing.
As all this sketches are done without references.. well they look in comfortable poses and lack all the wiki details that nerds like me, love to find in “good paleoart”




The new thing with this selected gathering is the use of liner brush and sanguine watercolour to perform the drawing form zero to the end.


hadro web



Free bonus:


crowed web



Hope you like them!


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Procrastinating into youtube I got the feeling that I would try “Fast (digital) Painting” in the light of some good tutorials…
So then I picked a random photo from my vast booty files, and tried to do my best:


This is a cute Crested Partridge (Rollulus rouloul) from the Burma rainforests.


It was pretty hard to find the actual author of the original photo… but finally I could reach his Flickr, I encourage you to take a look there to watch more of his very nice photos!


It was fun, but I’m far from mastering the technique … I’ll have to keep playing!

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