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Grasping the lichen…

Well… sometimes you start with an easy quick sketchy idea, to finally find a huge challenge.

My idea was: humm I’m bored, why not draw something small to end it fast!
I went to the backyard, and grab the first thing I find: a tiny lichen on a piece of wood..

I try my best at the first glance and using no more than the naked eye…


… and feel that this is not “working” so smooth.


Lichens are a very simple kind of organism, and represents a good example of geometry design towards areal multiplication: bending of the superficies, multiple fracturing of the edges to grow new “branches”, folding margins etc etc

So in its diminutive world, my little lichen was requesting more serious attention:



As a beginner in the huge world of the watercolours, any time I’m with the brushes over the paper (scared as hell) I pay more attention for sure!

And results look much better than the first attempt.


… but…


…not so close of the actual lichen I was watching in front of me.


Hours pass and nothing “magical” comes to help me so I try to zoom out and :



And lichens enter in my black list of things I can not draw easily…  (not yet!)


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