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Nobody said it’s going to be easy

Nobody said it's going to be easy

This is the other end of the development series for my illustration about this fantastic jellyfish.
I have taken very hard decisions on the first stages, and a lot of work on digital postproduccion!

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The rising of the Jellyfish

On the wings of the recent joy, I chose to try again with the jellyfishes, this time to submit in another illustration prize.

This time the threshold to reach is: a whole series of growth of the spectacular Cyanea capillata, the lion’s mane jellyfish!


Here is one of the ephyra stages, starting to display the first tentacles.

This illustration combines traditional and digital art to obtain a good sense of “fresh” hand strokes that gives more natural sence than the result given by means of full digital art.




This is the phase graphite + watercolour  of the illustration



And the final sketch for this drawing, after several modifications I did, from the photo sources I used.


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