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Homework (yes homework!)

Today I was amazed to find my blog, in a list among some colossal websites:

1) PBS Watch Video: Darwin Never Knew

2) Natural History Museum

3) Understanding Evolution

4) NeoK12

5) PBS So Cal

6) American Museum of Natural History

7) Smithsonian Museum

8) Cleveland Museum of Natural History-Lucy and Human Evolution

9) Drawing Fossils   (!)

10)  Famous Paleontologist

11)  Charles Darwin


Yes! this is Mrs. Flores homework about: Evolution!

And it took me by surprise! But, if you ask me:

I’m a scientific illustrator, and for me evolution is the source of all life forms that amaze me daily, and through its understanding, I feel connected with all living beings.

As evolution is part of science, my job is to help scientists to understand it, and also to get this wonder to everyone.

Working with fossils, marine animals, plants, insects, mammals and many more, gave me the chance to discover the world with new eyes, curious eyes that see more than my hands can draw: the evolution in each bird and each beetle.




Thank you very much for considering me Mrs. Flores!

I tried to send you an email but I could not reach you…

Best regards!





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