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Koala portrait

koala web

Can I take a little nap after lunch?

Koalas are creatures somewhat like me in this days, or vice versa… well disposed to nap anytime, with picky taste for food and suffering the heat of the summer.
I found a Koala photo on the image bank of my old computer and can´t stand the chance to try to add a new specie to my drawing list, so here we go! Hope you like it

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Echoes of the marsupial wave..

Well, after some interesting works (many of them with a lot of discussions and knowledge shared by paleontologists) I keep going on the matter and produce extra drawings about the things that I´ve learned.
Here is one example: this is Thylacosmilus atrox from the Miocene of South America, and many aspects of its anatomy and way of life was kindly explained to me by Dr. Francisco Goin during our drawing sessions.
Although my final drawing for him was only in lines, I just want to get further on this magnific beast!

With a blunt nose, head slightly turned down, sabertooths almost parallel and a more didelphid look!

Drawn on cardboard with colour pencils and a little of digital edition.

Hope you like it!

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The Marsupial Wave II

Sharpening the pencil, this time I bring some sketches that become good drawings but fall outside the main work (but more in the fun of art!)

Sitting many hours making the same animals in the same stance turns boring, so exploring the form and behaviour like an exercise is relaxing and increases our knowledge about what is drawed.


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The marsupial wave

During the preparation of a wallpaper about south american extinct lineages of marsupials, I made a considerable amount of sketches who´s in general I don´t discard but don´t show because the incompleteness or mistake nature

In this case all was made on ballpen to get a good and strong line and at the same time to be able of a variety of textures.

So this is the background of one of my current works:


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A matter of mammals…

Here for this second post I bring two studies on fossil mammals from Argentina:

First Callistoe vincei (a fantastic proborhyaenid from Salta Province) wich has been published in 2002 By babot et allImage

Callistoe challenges my understanding of carnivore as an introduction of bohyaenid anatomy.

To reach a fine reconstruction I make a multi referenced approach trying to not fall on pure Lion-like beast or Dog-Bear-Canid-collage  being no one truly related to a big nasty marsupial !

Although there’s not much on marsupial musculature in special, I find a good book to work it : Animal Anatomy for Artist, The elemens of Form. by Elliot Goldfinger (Oxford University Press 2004) wich was very useful by its wide range of mammal disections.

The other mammal of the day is Theosodon from the Eocene of Santa Cruz, which was part of a bigger work and for reasons of time I could not make as good as I like,
so after a several sketches looks like this:

Theosodon was a basal macraucheniid, with the size of a lama or a big deer (around 2 metres (6.6 ft) in length).

The most striking feature of these ungulates is the caudal retraction of the nares and the infered elephant-tapir nose.

But in the case of Theosodon such retraction is not so well developed as we can see on his skull, so I follow my client suggestion and apply to him a cute snout, not big enough to be prensil but… you see.





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