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A live model





Few days ago I went to a “Drawing Jam”, to draw live models while some musicians play very nice music (sometimes bossa, jazz, blues..)

It was a fantastic moment albeit the poor light and my personal entanglement with the sheets of paper, the pencils and so on…


Draw a live model is a challenge that I did not take quite some time,

and having to deal with a palpitating beauty of marble adds unexpected winks to the task.




From the beginning I knew it would be impossible to convey what the senses perceived…




…so I sailed away on the experimentation, like long ago I do not do.




The drawing of a live model is an act of love, a sensual dialogue if you will.
Beyond the inherent beauty of this model, with all the people I had to draw, I felt this strange connection.




Between stroke and stroke, are hidden a thousand glimpses,

and from the infinite dimensions that shaped that moment, only these two survive.

Rough as cave paintings, silent, intriguing…



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