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Grand finale for this year!

The best way to end this year in this blog about the drawing of the fossils is with some dinosaur bones!

I have been changing the scope of my posts as much as my interests and experiences in the “real life”..
While I was painting this skull of Rajasaurus narmadensis, lots of thoughts came to me.

I remembered my first steps on blogging and my initial intentions, but at the same time I was thinking about the future: next movings, projects and hopes…

rajasaurus skull crudo

Rajasaurus narmadensis skull, based on sources from around the web

This is the first skull (or bone) I illustrate decently on watercolours . I tried to do this few times in the last year with various results, but this time was different: I performed with no fears, or knots on the stomach, no desperate brushing to rescue the outcome.
Painting this was a pleasure, I knew every next step, the response of the paper to the water, the reach of the brush (a new brush only for watercolour)…

It’s clear that this is only the beginning, and I happily welcome all the new chances awaiting in the next year!

rajasaurus skull web

Rajasaurus skull, with some reconstructed missing parts in grey

Hope you like it and happy new year for everyone! Many thanks for stopping by here!

Cheers ūüėÄ


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Reaching the very tip of the year

An american kestrel, maybe staring back in the year...

An american kestrel (Falco sparverius)

Two weeks to the end of the year and two weeks to the beginning of a new year!

I believe if I start to think all the things I’ve done this year I will fall asleep for three days row!

This year was one for endurance, for patience and for acquiring valuable knowledge in many aspects of my life.

Twelve months more of doing what I like to do in a country in full economic crisis, keeping alive the flame of hope (almost a miracle!).

Yes, I think that I could have done more in this time span, but between the things I’ve learned this year is that each project and each idea has it’s own time, and¬†maybe it’s good to take a little time for seeds so¬†they may grow strong.

The only thing I really regret is that I could not travel as much as I wanted.
I have most of my friends living in cities far away from mine, and we always are telling wishes to gather around some beers, always making plans that vanishes in the lack of funds or time..

I know next year will be different (I hope better) Next year I start a grade on fine arts (a two year pending plan) and the distant chance of a full time scientific illustrator job will get closer to reach a definition for yes or no..

All the forbearance, all the sweat and all the hours drawing like a illuminator locked in the monastery, all gives me golden fruits that I keep for the future.
From the edge of this seat I can see waves of new horizons flowing like a smooth watercolour on a virgin sheet. Waiting any excuse to departure…

But not before look over the shoulder all the way that I left behind.

Hasta la próxima!

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Taking up the line

I’ve had to make a break over a few days in my Huemul project.
Sometimes, freelance work has its ups and downs, and one must be able to deal with multiple jobs at the same time or none at all!
The good new is that I’m climbing quite up in my list of commissioned drawings, and for the next weeks I will be very busy!¬†So, to start the final drawing of my Huemul family I must warm up my hands and brain on the subject.
Here it goes another round of sketches ( please note the quality improvement! ūüėÄ )

huemul monocromo web

I like more and more the way my brush is acquiring fluidity at the sketches, and this time I don’t even use the pencil to set the first lines!

The baby, black Faber Castel Polycromos on plain paper

huemul bebe web

Mommy, Lyra Rembrandt burnt ochre also on plain paper
(I did this earlier than the above)

huemul rembrandt web

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Thumbling adventures

I have been very busy at work and life last month, so each time I passed by wordpress to check was it with some sad lack of time to write and translate a post.

And today’s post is about one of the multiple tasks that I took these days:
There is a biennial book fair in my town specially dedicated to childrens and young ones and one of the organizers is a family old friend. She encouraged me to participate at the second edition of a illustration contest, themed on stories for childrens.

Since this is very different from my style theme this was a multiple challenge,¬†therefore I chose a well known story and decided to explore the style of drawings that had old books.¬†Somehow, it’s my dream as a child to draw things like storybooks of my childhood.

So here is my “Pulgarcito” (Tom Thumb – Thumbling)¬†merry walking through the brush!

This is the final sketch of a quite long series of attempts…


pulgarcito web




And the finished illustration!
I used watercolours, pencils, collage, etc etc (even the needle is a real one just to be a innovative artist!)





pulgarcillo web


We’ll see what happens next time ūüėČ







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Engraved by fire



When I sat down to draw and paint this watercolor,

I did so thinking in a green forest and how the warm colored sheet will influence the outcome.

Then, when I left the pencil, all the green was gone in the presence of deep remembrances of the fire.


In September last year, the mountains near my city caught fire.

Not just one but dozens forest fire in almost all the territory of my state.

My parents and some of my friends live in a small village between the valleys and I was visiting them few days before the wildfires started.

It is very difficult for me to translate what those days meant to me and what I experienced (even I can hardly put into words in my mother tongue).

Good, bad, heroic and crazy things.
Dantesque landscapes, ordinary people taking mythical proportions.
Facing the power of fire, who like a ravenous dragon that crosses the hills, going down the valley, running through the grassland … claims everything.


Eight months have passed since then, and is growing again green over black.
But it seems that the baptism of fire in my eyes and my skin has left a live coal to my whole life.

A vision that changed unconsciously my innocent exercise, in testimony of what was.

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I was selected! My drawing is among the 40 works competing for the prize at illustraciència 2 ediciò!
There are very good artists and beautiful illustrations not only in the selected for the competition, but also in the more than 300 pieces of art submitted.
The choice from the public is coming soon …

Illustraciència Pinterest 

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Dinosaur sketching weekend

While digitalizing a selection of my everyday’s sketchbook pages I gather some nice dinosaur sketches (among others creatures: the best!)




Dinosaurs are the very reason why I’m in love with natural sciences.

They were my first glimpse around vertebrate form and function, and compared anatomy

(one of the most fascinating field of science to me)




Over the years I always tried keep out the comfortable cliches and at the same time I started need graphic references about the dino I’m drawing.
As all this sketches are done without references.. well they look in comfortable poses and lack all the wiki details that nerds like me, love to find in “good paleoart”




The new thing with this selected gathering is the use of liner brush and sanguine watercolour to perform the drawing form zero to the end.


hadro web



Free bonus:


crowed web



Hope you like them!


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Grasping the lichen…

Well… sometimes you start with an easy quick sketchy idea, to finally find a huge challenge.

My idea was: humm I’m bored, why not draw something small to end it fast!
I went to the backyard, and grab the first thing I find: a tiny lichen on a piece of wood..

I try my best at the first glance and using no more than the naked eye…


… and feel that this is not “working” so smooth.


Lichens are a very simple kind of organism, and represents a good example of geometry design towards areal multiplication: bending of the superficies, multiple fracturing of the edges to grow new “branches”, folding margins etc etc

So in its diminutive world, my little lichen was requesting more serious attention:



As a beginner in the huge world of the watercolours, any time I’m with the brushes over the paper (scared as hell) I pay more attention for sure!

And results look much better than the first attempt.


… but…


…not so close of the actual lichen I was watching in front of me.


Hours pass and nothing “magical” comes to help me so I try to zoom out and :



And lichens enter in my black list of things I can not draw easily… ¬†(not yet!)


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Nobody said it’s going to be easy

Nobody said it's going to be easy

This is the other end of the development series for my illustration about this fantastic jellyfish.
I have taken very hard decisions on the first stages, and a lot of work on digital postproduccion!

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The rising of the Jellyfish

On the wings of the recent joy, I chose to try again with the jellyfishes, this time to submit in another illustration prize.

This time the threshold to reach is: a whole series of growth of the spectacular Cyanea capillata, the lion’s mane jellyfish!


Here is one of the ephyra stages, starting to display the first tentacles.

This illustration combines traditional and digital art to obtain a good sense of “fresh” hand strokes that gives more natural sence than the result given by means of full digital art.




This is the phase graphite + watercolour  of the illustration



And the final sketch for this drawing, after several modifications I did, from the photo sources I used.


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