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Sneaking into digital painting through SketchBook Pro

In my struggle with colour choice on long nights of headaches, I found a new and powerful tool to overcome such tasks: a true program to make digital art, not in the way of digital edition but more on the most artistic side.

Being a photoshop user from many many years (Photoshop 4? -not the great CS4!- ) I’m really habituated to it’s interface and how-to-do stuff, and suffering the few limitations (mostly on the canvas manipulation through the creative work)

But now a new generation of aplications came to stay and help us (creative people) to go further in or paths, our investigations, or our moments of freedom!

Moments like this, when I took my real life sketchbook drawing and put it in the computer to make the alchemy of colour!

Hope you like this transmutation!




A kind of Tapejara pterosaur fast sketched along a wide array of other small drawings to kill some boring time weeks ago and now, after a couple of hours colored and enhanced pretty well… for a beginner like me!



(I love the “infinite” digital zoom to slide on details… )


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